Hooniverse Podcast: WE'RE ON A BOAT... at the New York Auto Show

The Hooniverse Podcast has reached six episodes, but we had to take our act on the road to get here. So we grabbed our recording equipment and found a nice spot to get this show under way. The location? A $270,000 boat built by Cherubini Yachts of New Jersey. It's a beautiful ship, and it played host to the largest crew we've assembled for a podcast.

Some names will be familiar of course, because Travis Okulski and Raphael Orlove came out to play. Additionally we were joined by Alex Kierstein from Road & Track, Aaron Gold from About.com, Mike Juergens from Quattroworld.com, and even the boat builder Dave Cherubini joined in towards the end.

Give it a listen, I think you'll enjoy it: Hooniverse Podcast Episode 6