Podcast: Episode 8 – On the subject of classic cars & hot rods...

Our guest for this episode is Hot Rod Magazine editor Elana Scherr. She's way into all things Mopar, and her stable of cars is downright intoxicating. From her Hotchkis-prepped 1970 Dodge Challenger to her classic drag-car-trailer truck project vehicle that's caught the attention of none other than Don Prudhomme… » 4/29/13 11:36pm 4/29/13 11:36pm

Podcast: Episode 7 - The "We're actually funny in this one" edition

It's time for another episode of the Hooniverse Podcast... Roger Ebert called it the greatest podcast of our generation, but he didn't write it down so I can't prove that. Regardless, it's back and cars are the subject of discussion. They're always the subject, but they're the subject again here. » 4/17/13 2:33pm 4/17/13 2:33pm

Hooniverse Podcast: WE'RE ON A BOAT... at the New York Auto Show

The Hooniverse Podcast has reached six episodes, but we had to take our act on the road to get here. So we grabbed our recording equipment and found a nice spot to get this show under way. The location? A $270,000 boat built by Cherubini Yachts of New Jersey. It's a beautiful ship, and it played host to the largest… » 4/10/13 1:45pm 4/10/13 1:45pm