Classic cars meet classic roads on American Detours

Apparently it's Pimp-Your-Car-Show Day, because I've got one I want to share with you. As excited as I am for Mr. Harper's new show Fast Lane, I'm even more excited for my own web-series called American Detours. The basic concept is taking classic cars on classic roads in various parts of the country.

The first episode takes place in Louisiana, as we take in the Creole Nature Trail. The cars involved are a 1963.5 Ford Galaxie and a 1971 Ford Mustang. I expected to really dislike the '71, but it was actually a great find that's still a work in progress. The owner picked it up with less than 14,000 on the odometer. He owns the Galaxie as well, and that's in excellent shape with a great back story.


So I ask for your help in checking out the show when it premieres on Monday at www.AmericanDetoursTV.com, and if you can spread the word that would be great. Thanks!

You can see a teaser and trailer video over at Hooniverse if you click here.

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