Driving the Aston Martin English Rose

In 2006, Aston Martin decided it was time to take on the Nürburgring. This meant tackling the 24 Hour Endurance race, and the goal was to do it in a car that was very nearly one of its road-going street cars.

Rose was born from this idea.

That’s her name, and she’s a V8 Vantage that started life as a development vehicle. This meant many hours and miles logged indoors on rolling roads.


She was reborn, however, as a real race car and she was heading to one of the most demanding circuits on the planet. After the clock turned over for all of its 24 hours, Rose was still alive and kicking. The Aston Martin team managed to go from an idea to a 4th place in-class finish in just 6 months.

...and now nine years later, I find myself on B-roads next to the same track upon which she battled. In reality, she’s much less a lady and much more an ass-kicker of a Vantage.


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