It's a funny, squeaky sound

An hour into the second day of the 24 Hours of Lemons New Jersey race we were in fourteenth place overall, out of 120 or so cars, which seemed pretty damn amazing. I was getting ready for my stint when a radio message from my driving teammate came in “lost some power, about 20%-30%, feels like something is dragging”


That was the beginning of the end. OBD2 scanner said that we had a misfire, and the engine seemed to have been misfiring. We inspected coil-packs, spark plugs, injectors, vacuum and electrical connections. Everything checked out, but the slight knock or misfire and lack of power were still there. We thought that it may be internal/mechanical.

We decided to go back out on the race track. It was either going to go slow or blow.

It did both.

The car was loud and slow, knocking, clonking, sputtering. On the third lap it died. We got it towed in. Once back in the paddock it actually started up, as seen in the above video. At that point we decided to pack it up, hoping that there was enough life in the engine to propel this glorious racecar onto the trailer.


The engine problem was likely caused by oil starvation in the corners. Because racecar.

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