Spring Is Here… Eventually – 1976 Mercedes-Benz 280SLC

I'm waiting on the snow to melt away, as enthusiast cars usually hit the streets when the sun comes out and summer finally arrives here in freezing Finland A good example of the stuff I'd love to see is this glorious green 1976 Mercedes-Benz SLC I saw in Helsinki.

While it’s “only” a 280SLC, the lustrous emerald green paint and perfect condition more than make up for any power shortcomings.


The Mercedes has probably been restored at some point in its life, bringing it to the condition here. The CCR plates denote it as a late-’90s import, and they’ve been swapped for white-on-black plates when the car has been historic registered.

Check out the rest of the photos over at Hooniverse – and stay tuned for more street sightings this coming summer.

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