The Drift Chronicles: Rise of the S14!

When it comes to drifting, there are a handful of machines that folks like to utilize for their LETS GO SIDEWAYS, FAST potential. One such machine is the beloved Nissan Silvia, also known as the 180SX, 200SX, and 240SX depending on where you're located on this planet.


The S15 may be a perennial winner in the D1 series, but it's the S14 that we're taking a look at today. Our man Drift Idiot trekked to Texas to take in Round 6 of the 2014 Formula Drift season. While there he talked to a handful of S14 drivers to determine why they prefer this machine, what makes it special, and to garner a bit more insight into the world of the S14.

Drivers Forrest Wang, Odi Bakchis, Rob Primo, and Darren McNamara all sound off on the cult of S14.

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