The Hooniverse 24 Hour of Lemons Racecar - Version 3.0

To date, there have been two race entries from the writers of Hooniverse into the fabulous series that is the 24 Hours of Lemons; the Uber-bird BMW and a Chevy Corveir. Now it’s my turn to race, at the October Halloween Hooptiefest 2013 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Gulp.

Our racecar is a 2001 Buick Regal with a naturally aspirated 3800 Series II. We purchased the car off some mechanic, who got it off some old lady, for $350 after she hit a tree or a pole of some kind with it. The odometer broke at 150,000 miles, but we assume it has less than 200,000 on it, so it’s well broken in. It ran when parked, and it ran again better once we installed a junk-yard radiator in it.


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