The Lada Wagon that conquered USA

A Lada station wagon is pretty awesome by itself. Especially the round-headlight 2102 ones, as they have the most simple and classic appearance of them all.

But one of the most significant ones, at least with Finnish plates, is this exact ochre one I photographed at the Classic Motorshow last weekend. The 2102 wagon, originally bought for two packets of coffee and driven by a brave team called The Hoponderos made it through the United States in one piece, and back to Finland. No mean feat.


In case you’re not familiar with the Hoponderos US Tour 2014, I recommend you check out their Facebook page, which is stocked full of excellent photos from their voyage from California to Texas to Louisiana to New York. The guys were also featured on Jalopnik when they made it to New York.

Check out the rest of the story over at Hooniverse.

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