Here in the Hooniverse, we love dirty hands, tools that are actually used, and project vehicles that are both a point of pride and a point of frustration. Yes, even I like getting my hands occasionally dirty... but it's best when I have adult supervision. If you've been hanging around here for awhile, you know that the main man behind our own set of wrenches is Mr. Mad Science, AKA Tim Odell.

The folks at Valvoline have been paying attention, because they recently sent a small film crew over to Tim's house to capture a quick glimpse into his world. This is the first part of a new series called Under the Hood: The Spirit of DIY. So come along as we take a look at Tim's cars, his young kids, and what he does that gets his hands so damn dirty.

[Disclaimer: Valvoline gave Tim a few bucks to be a part of this series. He has already spent that money on beer.]